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Empowering Social Good

our mission

Our mission is to enable everyone in the world to participate and become engaged in lifting their community to new heights. We do so by providing a platform for anyone to list, find, organize and measure social impact initiatives in the community. It starts with one individual building an army to help improve the world.

GivePulse ribbon logo with Give Joy. Give Together. Give More text above. GivePulse ribbon logo with Give Joy. Give Together. Give More text above.
  • 650K+

    Groups impacting millions through community engagement

  • 10M+

    Verified impacts logged across North and Central America

  • +5M

    Average Monthly Users of the platform

  • +30K

    Nonprofit organizations actively using GivePulse to better service their communities

how it all started

GivePulse History

Although we were officially founded in 2012, George likes to think that the idea of GivePulse dates back to his childhood.

He has a story about weed (the crabgrass kind), working with people with disabilities, the Virginia Tech Massacre and many more defined him as an individual. His first small nonprofit helped high schools fix random technology problems. Through these experiences he came to identify a formula: 30min + $30 = College Education. Specifically, if he and his friends were able to donate 30 minutes to volunteer and install a $30 router, it would provide wifi access to impoverished neighborhoods with children looking to apply and learn more about college.

This formula set in motion a determination to address digital access, and quickly evolved into a platform to scale volunteerism and service-learning.

In 2012, George Luc set out to build a platform. Together with his CTO and co-founder, James McGirr, GivePulse was born, a civic network matching people in our community with causes they care about while enabling easy organization, management and mobilization of volunteers and supporters.

From day one our mission has been to solve tough social problems through the use of technology. Keeping true to that original mission, today our civic engagement platform supports thousands of nonprofits, associations, institutions, businesses and organizations.

GivePulse Co-Founders James McGirr and George Luc GivePulse Co-Founders James McGirr and George Luc

the heartbeat behind givepulse

Leadership Team

  • George Luc Co-Founder and CEO

    George Luc

    Chief Engagement Officer

  • James McGirr Co-Founder and CTO smiling and giving two thumbs up

    James McGirr

    Chief Civic Hacker

Co-Founders George and James at the Baylor University Challenge Course jumping from a telephone pole and grabbing onto a trapeze bar

Turning Care into Action

We'll make big leaps together

The Co-founders, George and James, at a University Challenge Course jumping from a telephone pole and hanging onto a trapeze bar. Let's make big leaps together to advance community initiatives.

GivePulse team smiling and holding up art they made during the 2022 GivePulse retreat

Be Creative

GivePulse '22 Company Retreat

The GivePulse team gathers together every year for team bonding, education, volunteer activities and lots of fun! Let's innovate together so we can delight our clients and scale good!

GivePulse team members flying a kite in an open grassy field

Soar into the sky

Let's fly together!

James and Raul and GivePulse team members standing in an open field flying a kite as an exercise to show what must be done to make things fly!

Selfie of George Luc and team members smiling while they volunteering at the Humane Society of Central Texas

Turning Care into Action

Work hard and be generous 

After a long day of hard work at an animal center, we sneaked in some fun and did a selfie!

GivePulse team members smiling with blindfolds on playing a team building game

Laugh at ourselves

Let's laugh at ourselves and be fun

Let's make fun infectious and ensure we are always bonding, learning, growing and working hard to help each other delight our clients every day. 

Picture of the GivePulse team in a huddle with their hands stacked in the middle

All In

Let's go all in and scale our impact

Hands all in to cheer each other on so we can scale the impact we have for the communities we serve. 

GivePulse team at Magnolia sitting on black and white beanbags in front of two silos

Immerse Ourselves

Let's invest time to learn together at retreats, trips and at work

GivePulse team having a great time while visiting Magnolia in Waco. Showing a few us sitting in an open grassy area with two silos in the background. 

Group picture of the GivePulse team after volunteering at the Humane Society of Central Texas

Volunteer Together

Raise our hand to help

A group photo of a few us at a volunteer site with the animal center. It's baked in our DNA to help each other, our neighborhoods and advance community initiatives

Candid picture of GivePulse team members while visiting the Waco Mammoth National Monument

Experience and Learn

We'll learn and grow together

Experiential learning at the Mammoth Park. We got the opportunity to work along side a park ranger who gave us details as to the feel of the bones and history of the site. 

GivePulse team members at the Baylor University Challenge Course standing in a line holding a rope


Let's cheer each other on

GivePulse team at a Ropes and Challenge Course where we are doing some really difficult challenges. Whatever it may be, we'll all root and cheer each other on so we can all grow and tackle challenges together.

GivePulse team picture at the Austin City Limits music festival

Peace Sign

Let's flash our photo hand signals together

A few of us got the chance to visit ACL Festival and listen to some music :) Posing with a peace sign is just like smiling, it's infectious. 

We must build bridges, collaborate, and empathize.

We at GivePulse are committed to a policy of equal opportunity and non-discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, veteran status, age or disability, as protected by law, in all programs and activities and conditions of employment. GivePulse is especially interested in candidates who will take ownership and responsibility to exceed expectations, contribute to open dialogue, build bridges and foster a climate supporting equity, diversity, and belonging. GivePulse is an anti-racist organization.

All positions will actively promote diversity, belonging and equity through critical and compassionate communication and strategic outreach efforts to colleagues, partners and institutions (e.g., historically under-represented, first-generation, DACA recipients, LGBTQ community).

the principles that guide us

GivePulse Values

Personal Responsibility and Accountability

If it is to be, it's up to me.

Be the CEO of your work

Dig Deep

Embrace challenges


Good Citizenship

Respect for People


GivePulse team hand stack
A few GivePulse team members smiling while volunteering at the Humane Society of Central Texas

Work with Us

Interested in building community engagement and a best in class giving platform at the same time? We are seeking creative, driven individuals who are passionate about making an impact for social good. Explore our career opportunities!