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Anthology and their suite of products are in over 1,000 institutions. We are fortunate to collaborate with them on a number of different products and services to ensure we improve the experience for higher education institutions.

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Anthology recently combined with Blackboard, becoming the largest EdTech ecosystem on a global scale for education. Now supporting more than 150 million users in over 80 countries, Anthology strives to advance education to support learners in higher education, K-12, business and government throughout the world. The newly expanded organization uses modern cloud technology and services that address individual needs and help educators shape each learner’s journey. Drawing on a comprehensive offering, Anthology solutions create operational efficiencies; provide intelligence for staff, faculty and administrators; and empower institutional leaders to support and guide students on a path to success at each phase of their journey. Discover how we are fulfilling our mission at www.anthology.com.
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Anthology Engage

Institutions that have Anthology Engage are able to integrate with GivePulse and immerse community engagement and service opportunities seamlessly onto student activities calendar and experiences.

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