Are you #VoteReady?

Voting is one of our most important constitutional rights.  It allows us to make our voices heard and impact social, political and economic change.  In support of National Voter Registration Day on Tuesday, September 20th, GivePulse is partnering with TurboVote to offer easy access to voter registration and information about voting rules and regulations.   

Information on how to register, where to vote and local voting regulations can be confusing or difficult to find, resulting in low voter turnout. TurboVote eliminates the confusion and helps Americans participate in local, state and federal elections. 

The TurboVote feature on the GivePulse platform allows students and volunteers to easily start the voter registration process, pledge to vote, and log an impact for their vote. 


About our Integration

With the TurboVote integration on GivePulse, we encourage users to “Pledge to Vote” directly with our platform-wide campaign. 

Our integration helps users start the voter registration process and sign up for election reminders from TurboVote.

(For institutions that also partner with TurboVote, users will be directed to your institution's specific URL after they pledge.)

After the 2022 midterm elections, users who pledged will receive an automated email asking to confirm whether they voted and to log their impact.

“Through its mission to impact positive social change, GivePulse is strongly positioned to help students participate in our democracy. The TurboVote integration on GivePulse meets students where they are, helping us accomplish Democracy Works’s mission to help Americans vote, no matter what,” said Anjelica Smith, Program Director at Democracy Works, makers of TurboVote. 


How does TurboVote Work?

TurboVote tracks elections at all levels, local through national, to provide lifelong support to voters by:

  • Guiding you through the voter registration process and helping you check your registration status; 
  • Helping you start the absentee or mail-in ballot request process;  
  • Sending you text and email reminders about upcoming elections; and  
  • Supporting you through the entire voting process, with a fully staffed help desk

Since 2012, hundreds of campuses, brands, and nonprofits have partnered with TurboVote to power their voter engagement programs.

TurboVote is a product of Democracy Works, a nonpartisan, civic tech nonprofit on a mission to help America vote, no matter what.

To learn more about TurboVote, reach out to