Benefits of Using a Volunteer Management Platform

Today, approximately 63 million Americans–25% of the adult population–take advantage of volunteering opportunities to make an impact in their community. That’s great news for nonprofits everywhere. 

But managing volunteers takes time, energy, and resources. Your organization needs to schedule volunteer shifts, stay on top of communication, and track hours to ensure you have the support you need. A volunteer management platform can help by providing an all-in-one system to manage, communicate, register and schedule your one-time and ongoing volunteers.

If you’re struggling to recruit, manage, or retain your nonprofit community volunteers, it’s time to invest. Here are the benefits you can expect from a volunteer management platform:


By automating operational tasks, you free up your time to focus on furthering your nonprofit’s mission. With a volunteer management CRM, you can register volunteers, schedule shifts, and track volunteer hours through a single platform. You can even use it for recruiting community volunteers

Automation helps ensure the smooth operation of your nonprofit organization. At GivePulse lets you schedule, process payments, communicate, generate reports, record volunteer hours, and verify user impact automatically. 


A nonprofit CRM’s centralized database is a one-stop shop for all of your volunteer management needs. It securely stores data on your volunteers, from contact information to shift preferences. Your volunteers will benefit from being able to access shift information wherever they are.

On your team’s end, they can access and track volunteer hours and productivity, and they don’t have to manually calculate and verify service hours. Plus, they can access crucial information anytime, anywhere. 

Aside from managing nonprofit volunteers, a nonprofit CRM can also store information about your donors and sponsors so that your staff can track philanthropy and invite supporters to upcoming events. 


A good nonprofit CRM will have robust communication tools that allow you to send messages and alerts to specific people and groups. This level of connectivity is essential for today’s volunteers, particularly if you’re managing a combination of in-person and virtual supporters. 

You need to keep your community updated on your volunteering opportunities and events and regularly recognize them for their work. This will keep you connected and ensure your one-time volunteers become regular supporters.

With GivePulse, you don’t need to do all this communication manually. Our software allows you to connect with individuals and groups through on-platform messaging, emails, and SMS. And our templates can help you save time while keeping the tone consistent. 


With tasks like scheduling volunteers, communicating, and tracking hours streamlined on a CRM, your team can expect increased productivity and efficiency. This allows you to expand your work into other areas, whether recruiting more volunteers, launching a new program, or organizing a fundraising event. In doing so, you will save time and resources. And, with tools to measure impact and track process towards your goals, you can easily measure nonprofit impact to identify areas for improvement. 


Our nonprofit CRM software has helped thousands of nonprofits automate volunteer management to keep supporters engaged and motivated. 

Schedule a demo with GivePulse today to see how we can help your organization save time and maximize resources. 



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