COVID-19 Resources for Nonprofits and Social Impact Organizations

COVID-19 and its variants continue to impact our global community, nonprofits, and social impact organizations. In this light, we gathered our key resources to help you prepare. Read on to review the resources.

Nonprofit and Social Impact Organization Resource List: Review a variety of toolkits, articles, and guides from the CDC and nonprofit and social impact organization councils across the country. These resources focus on service-learning and engagement in an effort to help administrators provide quality attention and services to their students and communities.

Creating Virtual/Remote Opportunities: Interested in providing virtual and remote opportunities for volunteers? Be sure to check out our support article on building these kinds of opportunities in GivePulse.

COVID-19 and Virtual & Remote Volunteering Webinar: Watch this webinar to learn more about building and facilitating virtual and remote volunteer opportunities. This session also highlights how to flag your event as virtual/remote and to insert web conferencing links.

Nonprofit and Social Impact Organization Management with COVID-19: Make you sure you reassess your operation and determine how to best serve your community while being safe. This article will provide you with some tips on running your nonprofit or social impact organization and keeping all major stakeholders safe.

Community Safety During the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis Guide: For a more comprehensive guide to keeping you and your community safe whilst volunteering during the pandemic, please review this guide. You can also download the accompanying checklist to make sure all of the steps are followed.

Engagement Resources: Check out resources like these webinars on Increasing Engagement During a Pandemic and Contact Tracing to help your organization overcome virtual and in-person challenges.  

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About the Author

Nicole Bavon is the Community Engagement Success Manager, here at GivePulse. She does onboarding and training for all of our new higher education clients and works with existing clients to provide support via webinars. In her free time, she loves watching tv and movies! Every year since 2016, she ranks and reviews each new movie she watches and shares the list with friends and family.