How a Nonprofit Organization Can Partner With a For-Profit Company

For a nonprofit organization, the benefits of partnering with a for-profit company are myriad. Increasingly, consumers are investing their money in brands that demonstrate transparency and social impact. In 2021, 75% of Americans interviewed for the Porter Novelli Purpose Premium Index (PPI) said it is no longer acceptable for companies to just make money; they must also positively impact society.

To enhance their social impact, many for-profit companies partner with nonprofits to promote volunteerism among their employees, boost employee and corporate giving and award grants. By engaging with a for-profit company, nonprofits can tap into new fundraising sources, increase their pool of supporters, spread the word about their cause and build capacity for larger projects which may require private resources. 

Today, the GivePulse team is diving into how a nonprofit can leverage corporate partnerships to enhance its work.

Volunteer Engagement

By partnering with a business or corporation on employee volunteering initiatives, nonprofits can potentially tap into thousands of new supporters. Many companies now offer paid volunteer days as an employee perk. 

By registering with a company as one of their approved nonprofit volunteer sites, nonprofits can not only benefit from one-off volunteering: they can build long-term supporters. Those supporters become donors and advocates, increasing the impact and reach of an organization's work. 

GivePulse allows for-profit businesses to use their platform to search our 70K+ community partner agencies, communicate with partners and employees and track volunteer registrations and hours. Companies can even set up a volunteer time-off policy and use GivePulse to manage employee time-off requests.

By using a platform like GivePulse, nonprofits can easily communicate with for-profit partners, share volunteer opportunities and track volunteer impact so that employers know how and when their employees donated their time.

Donation Matching

By partnering with a business to set up a donation-matching initiative, nonprofits have the potential to increase their fundraising potential dramatically. Research shows that matching gift initiatives boost the probability that individuals choose to donate and the amount given.

Companies can tap into this by advertising gift matches to their employees and encouraging teams to set up individual or group donation campaigns. GivePulse also allows businesses to set up regional or company-wide crowdfunding campaign goals to challenge employees, groups and departments to work towards a fundraising goal, exposing the leaderboard and tracking progress to gamify it.

GivePulse can integrate with a company's payroll processing system so that employees can automatically deduct from their payroll to donate to an approved 501c(3) nonprofit organization. 

By working with for-profits to set up these giving avenues, nonprofits can build up a considerable base of loyal supporters and benefit from larger gifts and recurring donations that provide a stable and sustainable financial foundation. 

Grant Management

Corporate grants may be a great resource if you're looking for support for a particular program or initiative. Companies of all sizes offer grant programs, from small local businesses to multi-national corporations. Grants typically require an application or proposal. The grantor will then review your materials and decide whether to offer funds. 

To improve your chances of success, make sure you're searching for grants that align well with your company's mission and work and catering your proposals to the purpose of the grant. Local businesses, like banks, can be a great place to start as they already have ties to your community.

GivePulse allows grantors to organize a database of grants or scholarships and their applications, and allow these to be vetted, reviewed, scored and collaborated on with one or many stakeholders. By using GivePulse as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform, your nonprofit organization can also benefit from its corporate social responsibility and grant management tools. You'll easily be able to partner with businesses and corporations that use GivePulse and integrate your volunteer management and fundraising tools. 

Building For-Profit Partnerships on GivePulse

By building strong for-profit partnerships, nonprofits can benefit from more supporters, volunteers and donations. But a solid nonprofit CRM is a must. Before launching a new partnership, your nonprofit needs to demonstrate that it can track volunteer hours and funds and provide data on the impact of a company's support.

GivePulse provides nonprofits with an all-in-one donor, member and event management system to track and increase engagement with for-profit partners, donors and volunteers. By investing in GivePulse, nonprofits also benefit from specialized tools to support corporate social responsibility initiatives, like gift matching and volunteer time off. 

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