How To Start a Company Giving Program

Giving back is an integral part of being a responsible business. It can also help you recruit and retain employees. Corporate social responsibility initiatives, like workplace giving, are particularly attractive to younger generations of workers. 

77% of recruiters believe offering employee engagement opportunities is an important recruitment strategy to attract millennial candidates. 

Launching a corporate giving program is a great way to show your commitment to the community and make a positive impact. Giving can take many shapes and forms, from peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns to donations of time and resources. 

Today, we're focusing on how to launch and promote employee fundraising campaigns. 

Involve Your Employees

The first step to starting a company giving program is involving your employees in decision-making. This will help align your program with employee interests and your company's mission.

Consult with staff across the organization to see what causes they'd like to support and how they'd like your company to be involved. 

Employees might provide input on:

  • Which charities to support.
  • How to set annual or campaign-specific giving goals.
  • How your business should promote and encourage employee giving.
  • What steps you should take to make your giving initiatives as inclusive as possible.

Creating a fundraising committee is a great way to encourage employees to get involved. Your committee can take the lead on employee engagement initiatives, like group donation campaigns, fun runs or in-kind giving drives. 

Provide Matching Funds

Did you know that 84% of donors say they are more likely to give if the donation is matched? Providing matching funds is a great way to double your employee's impact. 

Using GivePulse, you can set up company matching and automatic payroll processing so employees can deduct directly from their payroll to donate to an approved 501c(3) nonprofit organization. Your company match can automatically be applied.

Gamify Giving

Giving is more fun together! Get creative by setting up regional or company-wide group donation campaigns to support community organizations or causes. 

Or challenge employees, groups and departments to commit to a crowdfunding goal, and expose the leaderboard to track the progress and "gamify" it.

Make Some Noise

Once you've launched your company giving program, don't be shy about spreading the word. Find ways to highlight and celebrate the generosity of your employees and tell the story of your company's impact. 

Your company's social media accounts, newsletter and internal communication channels are great ways to communicate about your corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives. Not only can this inspire more team members to give, but it can also help recruit new employees interested in working for a company that is committed to giving back.

Leverage Technology

Technology can be a powerful tool for managing your CSR programs. CSR management software can help you track employee donations, monitor volunteer hours and manage corporate grants. 

It also provides one platform where all your CSR and ESG data can be stored — which is crucial for annual reporting. 

GivePulse's all-in-one solution helps organize your CSR initiatives, including employee volunteer engagement, donation matching and grant management. That means less time spent tracking volunteer hours and gifts and more time to focus on giving back.

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