How to Support the Victims of the December ’21 Tornado Disaster

The devastating news of the Midwest and South Tornado storm has us on edge (reminds us of our earlier Texas Winter Storm). We’re reaching out to the Midwest and South community to see how we can help. In tandem, we have compiled a list of places to donate items and funds, volunteer on the ground floor, and ways to add your volunteering experiences to help with recovery efforts. 

Where to Donate?

United Way Clarksville, Tennessee – This is another great United Way branch located in the area of the storm. Partnered with the American Red Cross, local food banks, and natural disaster relief aid, donating to them would help provide continued support to the Clarksville community and the individuals affected. 

United Way Southern Kentucky – Has a tornado relief fundraiser where you can donate directly to help support communities in need. 100% of the donations raised will be going toward efforts on the front lines and towards partners with that will provide continued support to the storm victims. 

United Way Northeast Arkansas – Is partnered with many organizations such as the Red Cross, Habitat For Humanity, and multiple food banks that your donation would support. Your donation would also be going towards providing relief to those who were struck by the tornado this past week by providing food, first aid, and rebuilding homes. Check out volunteer opportunities with United Way Northeast Arkansas.

Americares – A fantastic organization dedicated to disaster relief in the United States by helping efforts with hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. 

Donate Blood or Meals

Give Blood: Due to the recent storm, blood supplies in the affected areas have run dangerously low. If you live in one of the impacted states, consider donating blood. You can go here for more information.

Support food banks: Salvation Army is coming together to provide meals and a traveling kitchen to areas impacted by the storm. You can head over here to donate any dollar amount that will 100% go towards providing these mobile kitchens across the Midwest and South.  


United Way of Central Alabama – Posted an event on GivePulse in need of disaster relief volunteers willing to help with the most recent storm. If you are in central Alabama and interested in what you can do to help, reach out to the leader of this event page. 

United Way Southern Kentucky – Southern Kentucky was hit extremely hard by the recent storm and can use all the help and resources available. Consider reaching out to United Way Southern Kentucky or your local United Way affiliate to see what you can do to help.

Start your own initiative 

Are you interested in starting your own initiative? Add a fundraiser for the storm victims, collection drives, or even if you are in the impacted areas, or add an event where individuals can register to volunteer or donate items to provide relief. 

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