Juneteenth Music Festival: A Juneteenth - Call to Action Spotlight

We are excited to announce our second partner participating in our Juneteenth - Call to Action campaign this month, the Juneteenth Music Festival (JMF). Based in Denver, CO and home to one of the largest celebrations of Juneteenth in the globe, JMF recognizes music as a way to both unite and raise the consciousness of those who are seeking to connect and engage in communities larger than their own.

Today, the Juneteenth Music Festival honors the Black community by hosting a two-day celebration in the Five Points neighborhood in Denver, CO. The neighborhood has historically been the home to the majority of the city's Black community. The Juneteenth Music Festival hosts musical guests, vendors, panels, and more to encourage collaboration, and conversation, and to build the community.  

In a recent conversation with the Executive Director of the Juneteenth Music Festival, Norman Harris, the GivePulse Special Events Team got to dig a little deeper into the mission and inspiration behind the festival, what it means to the community, and the festival itself. 


The Juneteenth Music Festival’s mission is to help communities understand the importance and significance of Juneteenth and provide education and resources on why it should be celebrated. By hosting this huge two-day celebration in Denver’s historic Five Points neighborhood, JMF helps to connect individuals with resources, community, and a platform for education, economic empowerment, and collaboration in a dynamic and inclusive way.  With over 100,000 people in attendance annually, JMF acts as a hub year-round to connect people with a series of opportunities to learn and grow.


In terms of what the Juneteenth Music Festival does for the community, they have adopted an asset-based community development approach. They are putting their community first and looking to build partnerships, connections, and relationships with partners to create collaboration within the community. Through the music festival, they are providing a way for individuals to get involved and make these connections in an interactive, fun, and engaging way and encourage individuals to lift each other up by using music as a spark to start conversations that go a bit deeper, and bring more awareness. 

The Festival

According to Norman Harris, the Juneteenth Music Festival is considered “the family reunion of Northeast Denver,”  Harris says. It is a way to bring people together from all walks of life regardless of background and invite all to come together to celebrate African American history and culture. 

Get Involved

Be a part of one of the largest celebrations of Juneteenth and join the festivities! Located in Denver, Colorado, the Juneteenth Music Festival is one of the nation’s most significant celebrations, drawing in record numbers of festival‐goers and participants. You can join by visiting the historic, cultural Five Points neighborhood during Father's Day weekend in 2022.

The Juneteenth Music Festival features live performances, art and cultural exhibitions, food, and commercial vendors; with partners and sponsors ranging from community support networks and organizations to local and international companies. Among additional activities, Denver’s Juneteenth celebration includes a parade, concerts, virtual broadcasts other features.

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