​​Promoting a Culture of Social Philanthropy Among Your Students

Social philanthropy is vital to the success of any community. It allows people to come together and support causes that are important to them. Higher education is no different.

There are many ways in which professors, teachers, educators, staff and service-learning centers can promote a culture of social philanthropy among their students. 

One option is a student fundraising drive for a specific cause. Colleges and universities can encourage this by creating a general fundraising page or a crowdfunding campaign. 

There are other ways to promote philanthropy as well. For example, you can host an event where all proceeds go to a specific charity. 

No matter what method you choose, getting students involved and excited about giving back to their community is vital. 

Why Is Social Philanthropy Important?

There are many reasons why social philanthropy is essential. Here are just a few: 

Builds a Sense of Community

Student philanthropy is a way to build a sense of community. When students come together to support a common cause, they are more likely to form strong bonds with each other. 

This sense of community is essential because it can lead to students working together to create positive change in the world. 

Encourages Active Citizenship

Social philanthropy also encourages active citizenship. When students are involved in philanthropy, they learn about the importance of civic engagement and giving back to their community. 

Teaches Important Life Skills

Finally, social philanthropy teaches essential life skills. Students participate in charity and learn how to work together for a common cause. 

They also learn how to communicate and collaborate with others. These are skills that will be valuable to them throughout their lives. 

How Can You Promote Social Philanthropy Among Your Students?

There are many ways you can promote social philanthropy among your students. Below are just a few ideas: 

  • Encourage students to participate in campus-wide fundraising drives. 
  • Host an event where the proceeds go to a specific charity. 
  • Get students involved in service-learning projects. 
  • Partner with local community organizations to offer internships and other experiential learning opportunities.
  • Teach a class on social philanthropy. 
  • Encourage students to volunteer in the local community.

GivePulse’s service-learning management platform offers a variety of tools to professors, teachers, educators, staff and community engagement centers to promote a culture of social philanthropy on campus.

  • Volunteer Management: GivePulse's volunteer management software enables you to post student volunteering opportunities, track engagement and collect post-engagement reflections.
  • Fundraising: Set up a campus-wide crowdfunding campaign to challenge student organizations to commit to a fundraising goal. Expose the leaderboard to track progress and "gamify" it!
  • Course Management: Synchronize your service-learning course details and rosters to streamline faculty, staff, partner and student academic engagement.
  • Data Tracking: Easily configure and track the data most important to you. Whether tracking course progress, measuring student volunteer hours or understanding the impact of your program on the local community, our platform enables you to make data-driven decisions.

Promoting Student Philanthropy with GivePulse

Engaging students in philanthropic efforts help students forge connections with one another and their local, national and global communities. It also helps students develop an increased awareness of social problems and the work of nonprofits and community organizations. This, in turn, supports students as they graduate and become engaged citizens in their own communities.

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