Take Part in Democracy Through Voting

In the wake of the recent SCOTUS rulings, voting is more important than ever to help preserve the rights of people in the United States. In 2022, we have the opportunity to participate in the primary, Senate, House and gubernatorial elections.

Historically around 60% of voters turn out for presidential elections, 40% for midterm elections, and even fewer for primary elections (Source: FairVote). 

GivePulse is partnering with Turbovote to help make voter registration as easy as possible, allow you to receive election reminders and get help with voting by mail. Click here to register or here to see your state's voting rules.

With primary elections happening all over the country between March and November, it may be hard to determine when your state is holding elections. We want to make your voting registration experience as intuitive as possible. Below, we outline when your state is having elections, how to register, and how to request a ballot.


2022 Primary Elections 

Some states hold primary elections before the November midterms. Primary elections allow political parties to select candidates for a general election where each party’s candidates run against each other (Source: Ballotpedia).

Map of the United States with various states different colors depending on when their election is being held


  • July 19: Maryland


  • August 2: Arizona
  • August 2: Kansas
  • August 2: Michigan          
  • August 2: Missouri   
  • August 2: Washington   
  • August 4: Tennessee
  • August 9: Connecticut 
  • August 9: Minnesota 
  • August 9: Vermont
  • August 9: Wisconsin
  • August 13: Hawaii
  • August 16: Alaska
  • August 16: Wyoming
  • August 23: Florida 
  • August 23: New York    


  • September 6: Massachusetts
  • September 13: Delaware 
  • September 13: New Hampshire
  • September 13: Rhode Island 


  • November 8: Louisiana 

2022 Senate Elections 

Senate elections are taking place across the country on November 8, 2022. Of the 100 seats in the Senate, 34 are up for election. Below is a map of the states that have Senate elections coming up (Source: Ballotpedia).

Map of the United States showing what states are holding Senate Elections

2022 House of Representatives Elections

House elections happen across all 50 states every two years, when all 435 voting seats in the House of Representatives are up for election. Be sure to cast your vote on November 8, 2022. 

2022 Gubernatorial Elections 

Thirty-six governors are up for election on November 8, 2022. In most cases, gubernatorial elections are held every four years. Thirty-four states hold their gubernatorial elections aligned with midterms, while Vermont and New Hampshire hold their elections every two years. Below is a map listing all the states holding gubernatorial elections in 2022 (Source: National Governors Association). 

Map of the United States showing what states are holding Gubernatorial elections in 2022

How to Get Involved

Voting can be stressful, especially if you are unclear about your state's voting rules, when to order a ballot by mail, or even where your local polling center is. Check out these resources before heading to the polls, so you have everything you need before casting your ballot!

Let's participate in Democracy this year by registering to vote, showing up at the polls, encouraging friends and family to vote, and engaging with volunteer efforts to register voters in your community. Additionally, we need poll workers to help make voting in person possible. Register to become a poll worker.  

Together we can make a difference, build bridges, and empower communities. 

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