Uniting Hearts: Family Volunteer Day 2023

Family Volunteer Day is just around the corner on November 18, 2023! Family Volunteer Day is all about giving joy, giving more, and, of course, giving together as a family. Here, we'll explore what Family Volunteer Day is, why it's important to get involved, and how you can use GivePulse to find volunteer opportunities for you and your family.

What is Family Volunteer Day? 

Family Volunteer Day is a global day of service celebrated annually on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. This year, it is on November 18, 2023. Family Volunteer Day celebrates the power and impact families that work together can have on their communities, neighborhoods, and more. 


This day is not just about parents and children; it's about multi-generational involvement. Grandparents, parents, children, and even extended family members can participate in various volunteer activities. Whether it's cleaning up a local park, helping at a food bank, or organizing a charity event, there are countless ways for families to make a difference.

Why participate? 

Strengthen Family Bonds: Volunteering as a family can bring you closer together by creating lasting memories, sharing meaningful experiences, and learning more about each other (and your community!).


Empower Your Community: Volunteering is the driving force behind thriving local communities. When you lend your time and energy, you become a catalyst for positive change, touching the lives of people, animals, and the environment. Your actions contribute to the enhancement of your neighborhood, making it an even more vibrant and wonderful place to call home.


Lead by Example: When you engage in volunteer activities and support your community, you're setting a great example for your family and those around you. Through your actions, they learn the values of compassion and community engagement, making them the future stewards of positive change.

Using GivePulse to find Family Volunteer Day Opportunities

Getting involved in Family Volunteer Day has never been easier, thanks to GivePulse. GivePulse is a user-friendly platform that connects volunteers with a wide range of volunteer opportunities. Here's how you can use GivePulse to find the perfect volunteer activity for your family:


1. Create an Account: Visit the GivePulse website and create a free account. It's a simple process that allows you to keep track of your family's volunteering activities.

2. Search for Opportunities: Use the search feature to find volunteer opportunities that match your family's interests, skills, and availability. You can filter by location, date, and cause.

3. Sign Up as a Family: Once you've found a volunteer opportunity that suits your family, sign up as a group. This way, you can volunteer together and make a collective impact.

4. Stay Updated: Keep track of your family’s volunteer activities, upcoming events, and the impact you’ve made using GivePulse’s tools and resources. 


Family Volunteer Day is a wonderful occasion to create beautiful memories with your loved ones while making a positive change in your community. GivePulse simplifies the process of finding volunteer opportunities, making it easier for families to get involved and give back. This November 18, let's come together as families and spread the spirit of giving on Family Volunteer Day. Your participation can inspire others and leave a lasting legacy of kindness and community involvement.


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