Volunteer Management Software: What You Need To Know

Nonprofit volunteer management software helps organizations track, manage, and communicate with volunteers. This can include scheduling volunteers for events, managing volunteer hours, tracking volunteer interests and more.

For organizations with a volunteer base, volunteer management software can make engaging supporters a smoother, more efficient process. And, if your platform is robust, it may also support other ways of giving, like monetary and in-kind donations.

With so many online tools available today, it can be overwhelming to determine which one is best for your organization. But if you're managing volunteers or looking to scale your nonprofit's work in the community, you'll need a robust platform to help you share opportunities, track engagement and measure your impact.

Here are four ways that a nonprofit volunteer management platform can help your organization thrive.


Volunteer management software can help you coordinate your nonprofit volunteers' schedules and make sure everyone is where they need to be on time. You can also use the software to track volunteer hours and ensure supporters receive the recognition they deserve. 

Scheduling can become more challenging as your organization grows. As such, it's best to have a system that can help you effortlessly manage volunteers' schedules for accurate and efficient volunteer management. 


You'll need a system for accepting and reviewing applications to recruit nonprofit volunteers. Using GivePulse, you can set up and customize an application form so individuals and groups can sign up online. 

As an administrator, you'll then be able to review, edit, approve or deny applications. You can also customize your application to include important onboarding information, like orientation videos, inputs and waivers and accept payments for extra costs, like a background check or T-shirt.

The best part? When you host your application process on your volunteer management platform, applicant details will automatically be saved in your database. That means you can easily communicate and schedule shifts for new volunteers once they are approved.


Transparency is essential for organizations and nonprofit volunteering. Knowing where your volunteers spend their time and energy is crucial to ensure that your organization maximizes its impact. And depending on how your organization operates, you may also want — or need — to share that information with donors, grantors and community members.

By providing a centralized platform for data collection and analysis, volunteer management software like GivePulse makes reporting simple. Our database allows you to collect and track all your data in a single place, from event data and volunteer applications to hours and attendance.

Plus, our intuitive visualization tools help you understand your impact over time.


One of the most important aspects of managing volunteers is communication. Volunteer management software can help you keep track of all your volunteers, record hours and ensure everyone is on the same page.

With a centralized system, you can send out email blasts or text messages to all of your users at once. You can also schedule automated messages to remind volunteers of shifts or thank them for participating. 


Volunteer management software is vital for recruiting community volunteers and keeping them engaged.

GivePulse provides an all-in-one system to manage, communicate, register and schedule your one-time and ongoing volunteers with shifts, a calendar and a database. But we also pride ourselves on going the extra mile. Our software helps nonprofits host fundraisers, manage donors and members, list and manage events and track and increase engagement with donors.

When you invest in GivePulse, you invest in a whole suite of tools to help your organization grow. 

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