Volunteers, Faculty and Students smiling and celebrating after a fun day of volunteering
Volunteers, Faculty and Students smiling and celebrating after a fun day of volunteering

Add-on Features

Get more out of GivePulse to support your growing needs

In addition to the functionalities included with your subscription, the GivePulse platform can be configured with additional add-on modules to support a variety of program needs across your organization and institution.This guide offers a brief overview of each of these features. If you are interested in learning more about these add-ons, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at addons@givepulse.com

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Easily send SMS messages through the GivePulse platform to your network of donors, volunteers, partners and more

SMS Messaging

GivePulse allows administrators who have the phone numbers of their users (participants, volunteers, students, partners, and other stakeholders) to send SMS text messages.

  • Remind event attendees about upcoming events and updates
  • Communicate with all or specific group members about important changes and news
  • Reach volunteers easily and quickly, wherever they are, with all communication options
Create surveys on GivePulse and allow multiple reviewers to assess and score responses

Surveys With Reviewers

Set up reviewers to comment on applications, assess and score responses, and set up a routing system for multiple reviewers. 

  • Add review questions for required feedback from reviewers
  • Add review questions for the whole response or for each question/field in the response
  • Choose whether or not to allow survey taker to read reviews
  • Allow reviewers to set the next reviewer through a routing system 
  • View status of both survey and review
Easily create additional email templates on GivePulse tailored to your unique communication with group members or registrants

Additional Email Templates

Create additional email templates to ensure easy and efficient communication with their members and registrants. 

  • Add text you normally write over and over again into a template to streamline communication
  • Select the template message to a specific group or subset without needing to copy and paste
  • Attach templates to events to have them automatically send to participants
  • Customize automatic email notifications e.g., event reminders, confirmation emails, and more
Share resources you want your network to have access to on GivePulse such as permission forms, training modules, webinars, and more


Resources offers a way to share a repository of resources and track who has accessed them. Easily switch resources from public or private to your members.

  • Compile training resources for your group and for users to ensure everyone is prepared for their engagement 
  • Share materials such as curricular tools, program guidelines, assessment materials, and more to compile an inventory for affiliates, partners, and users
  • Assess learning from the resources, track resource access rates and gather feedback and insights from users
Track, manage and review grants on GivePulse. We help you streamline your approval process, overall budget and more


Track, manage and review grants in one place to help streamline your approval process. 

  • Manage grants for internal and external funding initiatives
  • Track overall budget
  • Track the amount awarded and if they have received their award or have been denied 
  • Submitted grants can be rerouted to multiple viewers for evaluation and feedback 
  • Invite users to apply for your grant through a sharable link 
Integrate with the Salesforce CRM to help your organization, campus or volunteer center manage client and donor relationships

Salesforce CRM Integration

Salesforce is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform to help your organization, campus or volunteer center manage client relationships (such as relationships with volunteers and donors). 

  • Define and configure what fields and data elements you want to synchronize GivePulse with Salesforce. 
  • Synchronize GivePulse with the following two options: 
    • Out of the box sync with Volunteers For Salesforce
    • Set up GivePulse fields that will map data 1 to 1 with Salesforce
Integrate with a CRM of your choice to help manage your resources and client relationships easily

Custom CRM Integration

GivePulse enables custom integrations with CRMs of your choice to help manage enterprise resources and client relationships. Onboard old or new data and edit in one single place, create and edit unique fields relating to the data you want to collect and track and map the data so they can be synchronized between systems. 

  • Edit onboarded data through GivePulse, or set up a process to synchronize fields and data from one system to another  
  • Configure data you want to read and review on your GivePulse dashboard, and only export the data you want to work with 
Add Zapier to your GivePulse account and connect it with other applications to create an automated workflow based on a trigger event

Zapier Integrations

Connect GivePulse to other applications through a Zapier integration. Zapier uses "Zaps" to create a workflow based on a trigger event. Use GivePulse actions such as registering for an event, joining a group, and more to trigger workflows with other apps such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, CRMs, ERPs, social media, etc.  

  • Synchronize contact information with your favorite tools using Zaps
  • Automate workflows and processes based on your GivePulse group and events 

Add additional “zaps” as necessary to support your community engagement work.

Allow large groups to register for your events allowing the administrator to best accomodate the group

Group Reservation Management

As an admin of an event or activity, you can empower group or organization leaders to request reservations to your event to block off (reserve) a certain number of registrations. 

  • Enables large groups to suggest timeframes or details in their reservation requests to inform the administrator how best to accommodate the group
  • Admins can manage one or many reservation requests to coordinate the reservations of all parties
  • The admin may also make "Reservations" on behalf of the organization and designate a point of contact to fill in the reservation details
Add additional groups, courses and admins a la carte to your GivePulse subscription to keep up with your growing needs

Additional Groups, Courses and Admins

Based on your subscription, you have a set amount of groups, courses and admins. With this addon, you have the option to add more à la carte. 

  • Promote event and shift managers to be admins in addition to full-time staff
  • Build out your institution’s full network of programs, departments, centers etc.
  • Ensure your GivePulse page operates exactly how you need it to
Collaborate with your community partners and sponsor their accounts to your network

Sponsor Community Partner Accounts

Streamline tracking and assessment of collaborative work with your community partners by sponsoring their accounts, granting your partners access to tools beyond the free basic account they receive at onboarding.

  • Use for sponsoring internships, allow all partners to add, display, and verify internships while tracking schedules and verifying learning outcomes.
  • Allow partners to survey, poll, and collaborate with participants from your institution.
  • Sponsor a specific tier to provide additional groups and admins to your partners who want to scale with you.

All GivePulse accounts have the ability to affiliate for free. Sponsor allows your organization, institution, or volunteer center to give partners additional functionalities to community partners.

Most helpful for Higher Education, K-12, United Ways and Volunteer Centers. 

Create a masked domain and customize your GivePulse platform with your own branding and domain

Masked Domain

Create a masked domain to further customize your GivePulse platform. Domain masking allows you to map your subdomain with a different URL altogether. For example, you can mask your GivePulse instance with serve.yourdomain.org or volunteer.yourdomain.org. 

  • Make sure your domain is easy for volunteers to remember 
  • Have a fully customized experience for the GivePulse platform 
  • Secure with SSL
Synchronize memberships, verified hours and more with our API integration

API Integration

GivePulse supports a RESTful API (Application Programming Interface) in which vendors and partners are able to build on top of our API and we are able to integrate into other platforms. 

  • Synchronize memberships, verified hours, registrations, and more
  • Share information to your information system from GivePulse (and vice versa)
  • Populate calendars with GivePulse events 

Institutions can leverage our technology consulting services to help build out the API with your existing databases and systems.

Best for tiers other than enterprise, platinum, or gold. 

GivePulse and Anthology Engage integration screenshot showing how students can search for service opportunities in their institutions Anthology platform

Anthology Engage Integration

Anthology (formerly Campus Labs) Engage is a co-curricular engagement platform for student activities and student organizations, providing a single place for students to search for registered student organizations and events happening on campus. Through Engage, we are able to provide a seamless student experience to further involve, engage and connect them with off-campus community-related opportunities and activities.

  • Allow students to search for community service-related opportunities and record their hours easily
  • Allow students to access and use both systems within the one and same verified login 
  • Allow outcome data to be synchronized between GivePulse and Engage for the student co-curricular transcript
  • Allow club membership data to be synchronized between Engage and GivePulse for group roster management
  • Allow student hours and service activities to be verified by the partner and summarized into a co-curricular transcript

Most helpful for Higher Ed subscriptions.

Experiential Learning events on GivePulse

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning allows students to learn through engagement beyond the classroom. Diversify, coordinate and track the engagement of curricular and co-curricular learning. 

  • Faculty, Staff and Administrators can submit activities, projects and experiences to be reviewed and verified for their learning outcomes to the specific pathways
  • Enable students to track outcomes for the experiences and allow administrators to assess learning outcomes
  • Integrate experiential data to generate formal transcripts and e-portfolios to celebrate student outcomes and learnings

Most helpful for Higher Education and K-12 clients. 

Albion College badge pages on GivePulse. Award students and volunteers badges for meeting certain criteria


Badging allows your group, campus, or organization to assign badges to students, volunteers, admins and more for completing tasks created and designed by you. 

  • Use to distinguish members who have been trained to lead volunteer groups
  • Congratulate members on completing a set amount of Impacts
  • Award students who completed experiential learning courses or student certifications
Screenshot of a Google Calendar invite sent from GivePulse

Google Calendar Synching

Google Calendar Synching allows users to accept and decline invitations to activities and events using their Google Calendar.

  • Allows users to register directly through their calendar without logging into their GivePulse account
  • All events users have registered to will automatically populate their calendar 

Most helpful for organizations currently utilizing Google Workspace

For more information on our add-on features, schedule a time to meet.