GivePulse client typing on the computer
GivePulse client typing on the computer

GivePulse Professional Services

We are here to make onboarding, reporting, fundraising, and workflow configuration easier for your team. Our professional services provide support to our partner's tailored needs to optimize your GivePulse experience.

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What We Do

  • Solution 1

    Advanced Onboarding and Network Configuration

    This additional service package assists your organization in setting up network subgroups for the organization and supports the rebranding and set up of custom configurations based on the client's input. If so desired, we can assist in updating community partner information to support onboarding of identified partners.

  • Solution 2

    Remote Platform Administration 

    Remote support of your GivePulse platform includes initial set-up and configuration of settings, populating service opportunities as shared by organization contact, supporting community partner engagement and animation in posting opportunities. Works with organization contacts to build out additional workflows or integrations as needed. Is responsive to volunteer, staff and faculty needs as they arise and supports training and coordination with organization administrators of the platform. Monitors impact verification on a weekly basis.

  • Solution 3

    Community Partner Engagement and Animation

    Identify a significant number of community partners in the region in partnership with organization contact. Reach out and onboard their groups and initial events. Provide training and ongoing support to partners. Check-in with partners four times a year to encourage event posting.

  • Solution 4

    Event Onboarding and Set-Up

    Set-up and configure all your existing or upcoming events to quickly get you up and running. Work collaboratively with your volunteer administrator and other staff to ensure we are capturing the data you need on each volunteer registration.

  • Solution 5

    Assessment and Reporting

    Works with your organization to develop an assessment strategy for community engagement and high-impact practice measurement. Includes training on reporting options from the platform, data analysis and how best to visualize and package reports. The ultimate goal is to assist in telling your community engagement story and its alignment with success and community impact. 

  • Solution 6

    Workflow Configuration

    Build out of unique workflows in the platform to support application processes, evaluations, internships, work-study, service-learning, field education and other programs with unique needs for data capture and tracking of volunteer placements.

  • Solution 7

    Volunteer Application Build-Out

    Build-out your volunteer application process based on client feedback and needs.      

  • Solution 8

    Fundraising Campaign Set-Up

    Build out a fundraising campaign and assist clients in developing a marketing/outreach plan for a successful campaign.

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