GivePulse Ambassador Program


What is the GivePulse Ambassador Program?

Give students on your campus the opportunity to work with the GivePulse team to learn the ins and outs of the platform, gain real-world experience, and further their knowledge of community engagement, service learning, and more. The GivePulse Ambassador Program is open to students with a role in your institution’s community engagement programs or initiatives. 


GivePulse higher ed administrators are invited to nominate students to participate in the 2023-2024 GivePulse Ambassador Program cohort. Ambassadors will participate in monthly, 90-minute meetings from October through April.


They will be expected to complete GivePulse training modules and other small assignments, which will require an additional 1-2 hours per week. Ambassadors (also referred to as GPA’s) are required to participate in a total of two mentoring meetings with GivePulse staff during the program.


We encourage supervisors to allow GivePulse Ambassadors to complete training and participate in meetings as part of their regular work or service hours.

Nominate a Student


Nominate a Student!

Why GPA?

Having a GPA at your school adds a person to your team with a deep understanding of GivePulse who can assist you, other students and community partners in learning and making the most of GivePulse.


 Who is eligible? 

  • Undergraduate students
  • Graduate students
  • AmeriCorps members


What's Included? 

  • Insights and mentorship from the GivePulse team and peers from around the country
  • In-depth GivePulse training 
  • Monthly cohort meetings focusing on topics including marketing GivePulse and working with community partners
  • Opportunity to earn the GivePulse Ambassador badge 
  • Receive GivePulse gear 
  • Special consideration for GivePulse internships and employment opportunities for which they are qualified


What is required? 

  • Attend monthly 90-minute meetings (October - April).
  • Complete GivePulse training modules (1-2 hours per week).
  • Participate in a total of two mentoring meetings with GivePulse staff.
  • Make a brief presentation about their campus’s use of GivePulse

How to nominate a student? 

GivePulse higher education administrators are invited to nominate a student by filling out this quick form. Once the student is nominated, they will receive an application they must submit to be considered. 

The deadline to apply is September 15. Note that nominations are not applications, and students must submit their applications by September 15 2023, to be considered. 

Campus ambassadors helping implement GivePulse on campus

Why GPA?

Having a GPA at your school adds a person to your team with a deep understanding of GivePulse who can assist you, other students and community partners in learning and making the most of GivePulse.

Students and GivePulse Ambassadors at the IMPACT conference in 2023

Become a GivePulse Expert

The GivePulse Ambassador Program (GPA) provides students the opportunity to receive on-going training, support and real-world experience with community engagement and success management, as well as preference for internships and potential future employment with GivePulse, Inc! 



What's Included? 

• Monthly 90-minute meetings beginning October 2023
• Comprehensive GivePulse training
• Mentoring from GivePulse staff and more experienced students
A group of students on their university campus dancing and smiling

Meet the Ambassadors!

Learn more about the 2023 - 2024 cohort of GivePulse Ambassadors


I loved the variety of guest speakers that allowed us to see all that GivePulse has to offer. I would highly recommend the GivePulse Ambassador Program to anyone who is interested in getting involved and in touch with other campuses!

Dylan Harbo

'22 - '23 Lead GivePulse Ambassador


I am grateful for my experience as a GivePulse Ambassador! It was great to connect with ambassadors from campuses across the country and to see how other campuses implement GivePulse. 

Kiana Skager

'22 - '23 GivePulse Ambassador, GivePulse Intern, '23 - '23 Lead Ambassador

Augusta University logo

I really enjoyed that the program allows you to create connections with other students. It's crazy how big the world is when you know other people from different universities use GivePulse and have the same reason as me for using it. It was really great to be a part of the GivePulse Ambassador Program and to meet new people interested in community engagement and civic engagement! 

Aeris Xiong

'22 - '23 GivePulse Ambassador


I truly enjoyed this experience and being able to be a part of the implementation of GivePulse on High Point University's campus! I loved learning new and creative ways to introduce the platform and everything it can do. 

Christina Wiggins

'22 - '23 GivePulse Ambassador

Augusta University logo

I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about GivePulse and its usage on other campuses. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a GivePulse Ambassador and to help my college use GivePulse more! I hope the next round of ambassadors enjoy it as much as I did. 

JaHann Sullivan

'22 - '23 GivePulse Ambassador