New Year, New Features: February Product Launch


GivePulse has just undergone several updates, with the aim of delivering a comprehensive and flexible platform for its millions of users. The updates include updated transcripts, leaderboards, subgroup email templates, network global search, and more.

These changes will allow users to easily partner, match, track, and assess their community engagement work, giving them a better understanding of their collective impact. In this post, we will highlight some of the key updates and improvements made to the GivePulse platform. Watch the recording here.


Network Global Search

The Network Global Search feature is one of our biggest releases in 2023, allowing users to search for anything from events to reflections and everything in between. Users can search for a keyword through the entire parent network or within specific branches and subgroups. This feature makes it easy for users to search within their network like never before, quickly finding events, topics, and opportunities they are interested in. With this, we have enabled users and admins to conduct a search strictly within their network rather than conducting a global search on the explore page or searching by category on the admin dashboard.


Screenshot of the new network global search feature

Network Global Search allows users to easily filter groups, events, impacts, and more within their GivePulse network. Easily toggle between list view and card view for a unique visualization and to personalize your user experience.



The transcripts feature has undergone a comprehensive overhaul to ensure that admins can view progress, impacts, points, training hours, amount donated, tags, and categories, all in one view. Administrators can now assign points to specific tasks, and view student progress toward completion. 


Screenshot showing the new transcript feature with red circles around new columns

View student progress towards completion of badges, experiential learning, and other tasks directly through transcripts. Our updated transcripts make it easier for admins to understand their student network at a glance with reimagined data visualization.

The transcript feature now displays points, tags, and additional sections showing experiential learning and badge progress, making the feature more comprehensive and allowing institutions to integrate points into transcripts. The layout of transcripts has also been updated to make it easier to visualize the data and understand the information presented on the page.


Screenshot of the new GivePulse transcript update with red boxes around the points column

View points, tags, progress, and more with transcripts. We have added additional columns to transcripts to help with organization when using this feature. 

Dark Mode

Dark mode is now available for all GivePulse users, with the ability to easily switch it on and off on all new view pages. This feature extends your device's battery life and showcases a higher contrast design that helps reduce eye strain while using GivePulse. To turn dark mode on or off, simply click the half-moon or sun icon at the top right corner of your screen.


Screenshot of dark mode on GivePulseScreenshot showing how to turn dark mode on with GivePulse - use the half moon icon in the upper right corner

Save battery life, increase contrast, and reduce eye strain with dark mode only on GivePulse's new view

*Please note that dark mode is only available on new view pages, and while using GivePulse in dark mode, there may be pages or functions that are only available in classic view and will, by default, revert back to "light mode."


Get Started Workflow

The new and improved "Get Started Workflow" is now live and in production. This workflow will be the experience for new users and administrators of community partners or groups joining the platform. With the updated user interface and user experience, GivePulse has made it easier for new users and administrators to get started and make the most of the platform's features and capabilities.


Screenshot of the starting page of the new get started workflowScreenshot of the new get started workflowScreenshot of the new get started workflow

With the new Get Started Workflow, new users and groups joining GivePulse have a more streamlined and personal introduction to the platform.


Subgroup Email Templates

Subgroup Email Templates are a brand new feature that allows users to send out emails to members of specific subgroups without the need for manual input or time-consuming copying and pasting. This feature enables users to communicate with subgroups more efficiently, reducing the time and effort required to send out important updates or announcements.

With Subgroup Email Templates, users can choose from a variety of pre-made templates or create their own custom templates. These templates can be saved and reused for future communications, streamlining the email process even further. Additionally, users can see a live preview of their email before sending it out, ensuring that the message is clear and accurate.



Leaderboards allow administrators and users to view a ranking of individuals, groups, and organizations making the most significant impact within their network. The leaderboard provides a visual representation of the contributions being made by members of the network, and it can be used to recognize and celebrate the efforts of those who are making a difference.

Leaderboards are customizable, allowing administrators to choose what data they want to display, such as volunteer hours, event attendance, or contributions. This feature provides a fun and interactive way to view the impact being made within a network, and it can be used to encourage competition and motivation among members.


Recurring Paid Memberships

Recurring Paid Memberships provides administrators with the flexibility to choose the frequency of payments. This will give organizations the ability to be more creative with their membership offerings, as they can provide different levels of membership with different recurring payment options.

With the recurring membership option, organizations can ensure that their operational costs are covered, and their programs can continue to grow and scale with the funds generated from these recurring payments. This is a game-changer for organizations who rely on donations and funds from their members, as it provides a stable and consistent stream of revenue.


In conclusion, the updates and new features outlined above are designed to improve the overall experience for GivePulse users. With more comprehensive and flexible configuration, access, and search capabilities, as well as new email templates and leaderboards, GivePulse is now better equipped to meet the needs of our growing user base. We hope these updates will provide a better platform for our users to partner, match, track, and assess their community-engaged work, allowing them to understand the story of their collective impact.

We encourage you to check out these new updates and let us know your thoughts. We are always working to improve GivePulse and make it the best it can be, and we are committed to providing our users with the tools and resources they need to make a positive impact in their communities. 


Upcoming Events: At our product launch webinar, we announced our #GiveJoy and #GiveTogether National Volunteer Week campaign. We are inviting students, community members, and organizations to take part in celebrating volunteers across the country. Submit a video highlighting local community engagement, and for community partners, submit a grant application for a chance to win $500! Join us and participate in National Volunteer Week. Learn more here! 

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